The Magician's Handbook 2 - BlackLore

The Magician's Handbook 2 - BlackLore

The Magician's Handbook 2 BlackLore is a hidden-object game with a magic theme
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The Magician's Handbook 2 - BlackLore is a hidden-object game in which you must solve the mystery of Blackhole. Throughout the game, you will visit different locations looking for magical keys that help you solve it. What is great is that you can select which place you wish to visit first, and you can leave it whenever you want to continue with another one. The scenes are pretty well-made and the objects are listed in words. If you have trouble finding an object you can use the hints. You have 5 hints to use, but if you run out of them, you can wait until they recharge. What is more, apart from the object-finding tasks, you will have to complete spells. To do that, you must return magical objects to their proper positions. The objects to be returned are drawn along the bottom of the screen. There are also magical puzzles that you will have to solve by using your spells and you will also have to find hidden faeries.
The game includes two difficulty levels, casual and apprentice. The difference between them lays in the complexity of scenes and puzzles and in that, in one you can play without timer and in the other not. It also gives you the option to select the type of the story. There's a short one and a long one with more details for story fans.

Regarding the graphics, they are cartoonish and very attractive. Sound effects and music are also great and contribute to creating the necessary atmosphere for the game.
All in all, The Magician's Handbook 2 - BlackLore is a very complete hidden-object game with a unique gameplay that will surely attract many fans of this genre.

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  • Lots of things to do
  • Two difficulty modes
  • Two types of story
  • Challenging
  • Nice graphics


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